What can I offer as a supervisor?

  • Another pair of eyes on your work. – Sharing what happens in the room between you and your client is essential for work like ours. It prevents isolation and encourages accountability.
  • Exploration of your successes and challenges. – Helping you work out what you do well and what you need to work on.
  • Support as you develop your knowledge of theory and practice. – There is a lot of information out there, supervision is a place where you can examine theory and work out how you want to practice.
  • Someone in your corner.- You support your client and offer them a space that is theirs. I will support you and offer you a space that is yours.

I am trained in Person Centred/ Existential theory and practice, and have a degree in Psychology and a PG Diploma in Supervision. Over years of practice and study I have had to find my own way through the enormous amount of varied research and theories new and old. I can help you to do the same so you can work out how you want to practice.  As more training focuses on integrating theories and a toolbox approach to practice, supervision is also changing to accommodate differing types of integration. We will focus on what you are doing that is working to facilitate your client and make sure you are working ethically.

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