From Counselling to Coaching

Climbing out of the hole and scaling the mountain

Filling The Hole: When Therapy is the Right Choice

When you are feeling trapped, overwhelmed and struggling, you are in “the hole.” Life can feel like an constant fight. You may be dealing with intense emotions, painful relationships, or addictive behaviours. (Maybe all three). When you’re in this place it can be very difficult to take action and have it be successful.

When you are in “the hole” you need compassionate support. A highly trained therapist can help you climb out of the hole and back onto solid ground. The first stages of therapy help you to see, where you are, how you got there and how to get yourself on to a different path.

Change is risky, and change is difficult. When you feel capable, resilient and confident,  changes become possible to maintain, emotionally and practically. If you’re not in this space, therapy will help you get there.

Climbing The Mountain: When it’s time for Coaching

When you are in the right place for coaching, you feel generally okay. You feel strong enough to start making changes, and begin “climbing the mountain” heading for greater interest, contentment or challenge in your life. The work of this stage involves creating a plan for your new life, and figuring out how to make the plan, a reality.

You may have arrived at the base of your mountain after climbing out of the hole, you may have been on a different journey. Either way you want to improve your current circumstances and be more successful. If you’re truly ready for coaching you probably do not need the same type of emotional support therapy provides. You may just need to get clarity, make a plan, and take action. Coaching will help you get clarity about what your mountain looks like, and the practical steps you need to take to get to the top; Then support and encourage you as you walk up it.



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