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My story

When I first discovered my fascination with Psychology and human behaviour I was still in a phase of my life when I didn’t know what I wanted to be. Pressure to decide what to do with my life weighed heavily on me; most of the choices presented to me seemed either boring or impossible to achieve.

Growing up I had often felt that I never seemed to fit in anywhere and this feeling followed me into adulthood. I found it difficult to believe I could be ‘really good’ at anything. This feeling got in the way of long-term plans or committing to a career, resulting in a constant background anxiety about life and my future.

I began to study Psychology because it was interesting, rather than with any idea in my mind of how it might lead me to a career.

I paid my way through University and for some time afterwards by working in jobs where I couldn’t be myself, in fact ‘myself’ didn’t seem to be useful in any of the roles I engaged in.

Long after University, while still working in jobs that didn’t interest or fulfil me, a chance comment from a colleague sent me on a new path. This person had been experiencing difficulties in his life and as a result had become very upset while at work one day. I spent time out of my day just listening to them and as I listened, I felt totally engaged in their story; this colleague told me I’d been more helpful than the therapist they’d been seeing recently. The idea that there was a job that was about people, about being useful and that wasn’t boring, was a revelation.

The journey was hard, but I found a job that allowed me time to study and got a loan to pay for the course. I began my own therapy thinking ‘I’m okay, I’m only doing this as a course requirement. I already know myself well enough.’ I was very wrong about that.

What I discovered was another me, one that had been suppressed, ignored and generally kept quiet. I didn’t like all the parts of myself that were unearthed but owning them makes me more resilient.  I came to realise that without integrating all those parts, even the parts I found uncomfortable, that I would never become what I wanted to be because too much of my time was spent trying to keep parts of myself buried.

Since training as a counsellor, I have come to feel it more and more as a calling. Through continued study and training, by a greater understanding of how I work, by building my confidence and resilience and by learning to be comfortable with myself, I have worked hard to become as useful as I can be to my clients. I use this knowledge to be good at what I now do; to help others find out who they are and how to use that knowledge to their advantage.

My details

I am a half Sri-Lankan, half Barbadian woman, born and raised in the U.K.

I hold a degree in Psychology, completed in 1997, a Certificate in Counselling Skills completed in 2003 and, a Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred/Existential Counselling, completed in 2005.

My experience includes work for the NHS counselling staff, London Metropolitan University counselling students, and Carers Support West Sussex as an Assessor and counsellor for three years. I have been in private practice since 2015.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

For more information on the BACP code of ethics visit –


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