Lanka is one of the most well grounded and understanding people I have met, her insight and nuance has helped me overcome many personal issues. Every session felt like another step towards a resolution, her understanding made me feel very comfortable and willing to talk about the more embarrassing and personal things. There was never any judgement and there was never any pressure in any of the sessions.
Lanka is very good at remembering and linking together previous items and offering insight or ideas that I might not have considered. This was very helpful to me as she pointed out things I might not have noticed or provided a link between issues I never thought to explore. I would recommend Lanka to anyone who is looking for a kind, caring and skilful counsellor.

hartley cert

Dear Lanka,

Thank you so much for your help and support. I was lucky to find such a talented and good hearted person.

It took me a bit of time to get your certificate together – not sure if you can add this to your web site! You are the first therapist ever to achieve this Excellent rating, many could learn from you.


Lanka was fantastic the counselling has really helped me to rebuild a very strained relationship with my family, and is continuing to help me now.


People were always saying that talking things out would help but I didn’t know until I had counselling that it wasn’t just saying things out loud, it was how I was listened to. She didn’t judge me, she didn’t get upset about what I was saying. After a while I could listen to myself not just what other people thought. Before [counselling] I would never have believed what a difference that would make.


I was lost, wandering through a maze – tall thick hedges all around me. Every way I turn I’m blocked. I can’t find my way out. It feels like the walls are all coming in on me. Dark.

Then the hedges got smaller, still thick but now I can see over the top, I can see there is a way out. Gradually the path out of the maze becomes clearer. The way out! It was always there but I could never see it. I’m coming out, there is the path. All the hedges are melting away – it’s so light. The path, I move along it, there’s gravel, sometimes I slip. There are potholes sometimes I don’t see them but mostly the path is well marked and I’m moving into the light.